Dr. Eaton’s recent media and community appearances are below:


Interviewed in 2018 for “Department 12” I-O podcast “Ryan Jacobson & Asia Eaton on sexual harassment policies

Research featured in 2018 article for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology “How organizations can really fight sexual harassment

Quoted in 2017 Oxygen News story “1 in 20 social media users have shared nonconsensual pornography

Quoted in 2017 Vocativ News story “Survey: 1 in 20 social media users have shared nonconsensual porn

Quoted in 2017 Mic News story “Military women plead with Facebook to address the continued spread of revenge porn

Featured in 2016 Miami New Times story, “Faculty demand FIU become “Sanctuary Campus” for immigrants”

Quoted in 2015 Rise Miami News about the online site Sugardaddies


Viewpoint with Henry Mack on the Supreme Court Decision on marriage equality (2015)

Issues with Helen Ferré, discussing gender identity and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition (2015)

Issues with Helen Ferré on the legalization of same sex marriage in Florida (2015)


Video interview with the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), How coaches can approach and respond to teen dating violence (2017)


Addressing Cultural Identities When Conducting Research in Miami: Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ (2015)

Caitlyn, Miley, and Gaga: Talking To Your Kids About Sexual and Gender Diversity (2015)