Florida International University, University Park, Miami, Florida 33199

Research Interests

Development and application of analytical chemistry tools to enhance the value of scientific evidence.

Detection and identification of organic compounds of forensic interest such as controlled substances and explosives in the field or through use of field-portable detectors such as Ion Mobility Spectrometers. Coupling of SPME to IMS for detection of odor compounds of drugs and explosives.

Development of methodology for the characterization of materials using elemental analysis, specifically the determination of ultra-trace quantities of metals in glass and other matrices using LA-ICP-MS, u-XRF and LIBS and organic and inorganic characteriztion of inks. Fundamental improvement in LIBS analysis of materials of interest to forensic scientists.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, FIU

Courtesy Professor, University of East Anglia, Norwich UK

Director, Master of Science in Forensic Science Program

International Forensic Research Institute

Trace Evidence Analysis Facility

Dr. Almirall's Contact Info:
Phone: (305) 348-3917
Fax: (305) 348-4485

Research Group

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2012 Group:
From left: Dr. Almirall, Diane, Josh, Anamary, Nick, Erica, Melissa, Mimy, Howard, Dr. Efe Eseller, Sarah, Linet, Elizabeth (visiting from Spain), Emily, and Wen.


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Introduction to Analytical Chemistry Lecture (CHM 3120)

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Chemometrics 2013 Lectures and other files



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