Preliminary syllabus, subject to change without notice.

Class Times

The class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00pm to 6:15pm in PC-428.


If you have a copy of the 1st edition, you may use that.

Office Hours and Contact Info

Office Hours

If you have questions, you may ask immediately after class, or come to my office. Regular office hours are 12:30-1:45pm and 3:30-4:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be happy to make an appointment for another time if that is more convenient. My office is DM-311A, my phone number is 305-348-3287, and my email is <>.

TA Information

The TA is Adir Mancebo Junior. He will have office hours (TBA) in the Economics Tutoring Center (VH-136) on Mondays from 11am to 1pm and Wednesdays from 12 noon to 3pm. His email is <>


Your grade will be based on biweekly quizzes and a final exam. There is no midterm.


Six short quizzes will be given during the last 30 minutes of class on every other Thursday beginning Jan. 25. In other words, the quizzes will be on Jan. 25, Feb. 8, Feb. 22, Mar. 8, Mar. 29, and Apr. 12. The quizzes will be over the material covered in the previous two class weeks. Your lowest quiz score will dropped, and your total quiz grade will be based on your top 5 quiz scores. Your quiz letter grade will count for 70% of your course grade.

Quiz and Exam Results

A link to grades and quiz scores will be posted here.

Updated May 1: Click here for all grades.

Quiz Answers

Links to quiz answers will be posted below.

  1. Quiz #1.
  2. Quiz #2.
  3. Quiz #3.
  4. Quiz #4.
  5. Quiz #5.
  6. Quiz #6.

Final Exam

The final will be in our regular classroom (PC-428) at the officially scheduled time: 5pm on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. It will be comprehensive. The final counts for 30% of your course grade.

The final will likely consist of approximately 35 multiple choice questions.

Course Outline and Schedule

This course covers microeconomics: supply and demand, consumer choice, cost and production, competitive and non-competitive markets.

Spring 2018 Preliminary Detailed Outline

Tentative Schedule

The plan is to cover about a chapter per week. As we proceed through the course, the dates and list of chapters covered will be updated to show what we actually did. You will get more from the course if you start reading the chapters by the time we start them.

Quiz days are denoted by an asterisk (*).

Jan. 9: Chapter 1: Adventures in Microeconomics
Jan. 9, 11, 18: Chapter 2: Supply and Demand
Jan. 18, 23, 25*: Chapter 3: Using Supply and Demand to Analyze Markets
Jan. 30, Feb. 1, 6: Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior
Feb. 6, 8*, 13: Chapter 5: Individual and Market Demand
Feb. 15, 20: Chapter 6: Producer Behavior
Feb. 22*, 27, Mar. 1: Chapter 7: Costs
Mar. 6, 8*: Chapter 8: Supply in a Competitive Market
Mar. 13, 15: No Class: Spring Break
Mar. 20, 22, 27: Chapter 9: Market Power and Monopoly
Mar. 29*, Apr. 3: Chapter 10: Market Power and Pricing Strategies
Apr. 3, 5, 10: Chapter 11: Imperfect Competition
Apr. 12*, 17, 19: Chapter 12: Game Theory
Apr. 24: Final Exam: 5pm in PC-428


Missed Quizzes and Exams

Since your grade is based on the top 5 quizzes, you are allowed to miss one quiz without penalty. If you miss a second quiz, you should contact me as soon as possible to arrange a makeup. Missing three or more quizzes or the final will mean an automatic F in the course.


We strictly follow university policy on incompletes. This means that incompletes will only be considered when an emergency prevents you from attending the final exam.

Academic Honesty

While you may use a calculator on quizzes and exams, any other use of computers, notes, books, or advice from others during quizzes or exams is considered cheating and will be dealt with accordingly. See the university policy on Academic Misconduct, sec. 2.44 for more details.

Important Dates

Jan. 8
Classes begin
Jan. 16
Last day to drop with full refund
Feb. 2
Last day to drop with 25% refund
Feb. 2
Last day to apply for Spring Graduation
Mar. 12-17
Spring Break (no class)
Mar. 19
Last day to drop with DR
Apr. 21
Last day of regular classes
Apr. 23-28
Finals Week
Apr. 24
Intermediate Micro Final at 5pm in GC-275B
May 3
All grades available online