This is Laura De Carli's Web Page 



My name is Laura De Carli and I am a Professor of Mathematics

at   Florida International University (Miami) .



Here you can find my


Vita,      Research description    Teaching statement

 Click here for a link to my    papers .



This semester (Fall 2016) I  am  teaching

Real Analysis

History of Mathematics

And I direct the Senior Seminar


In the Spring 2017 I will teach

Functional Analysis + Methods of applied analysis

And I will direct the

problem solving seminar+senior seminar



For the homepage of the Department of Mathematics of the Florida International University click here.



My FIU mailing address is:


Florida International University,

Department of Mathematics, University Park, 11200 SW 8th str., room  430

Miami, FL 33199   (USA).


Fax: +1 305 3486158