Tedi Draghici  
                                                          Contact Information                                                            
Associate Professor,                                                                                           Office: DM  432B                                                       
Department of Mathematics                                                                               Phone:  (305) 348-2028                                                       
Florida International University                                                                           Fax:      (305) 348-6158 
Miami, FL 33199                                                                                              E-mail: draghici@fiu.edu 

Research interests, selected publications, CV

Teaching -- Spring 2018 -- Office hours (in DM 432B) -- Tu 11:30-1:00pm, Th 1:30-3:00pm, or by appointment

MAC 2311 - Calculus 1  - RXB -- Tue 9:30-11:10 PC 211, Thu 9:30-12:10 SACS 302

Syllabus                Daily topics and assignments

Learning Assistant (LA): Hillal Ibiyemi        Email: hibiy001@fiu.edu

LA help hours:  Wed. 3:30-5:00pm in CP 101 (Chemistry & Physics bldg), Thu 9:00-9:30am, in SACS 302


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Math Circle  (programs for high-school students and elementary/middle school students)


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