Table of topics and assignments 

Textbook: Calculus, Early transcendentals, H. Anton & others, 11th edition. Older editions of the text will be fine, but see me for additional instructions.

Tutoring services (including online) and other useful info: see this link . There you will also find a link for the complete solution manual - requires username/password which I'll give in class. 

Learning Assistants (LA): Hillal Ibiyemi             Email:

LA help hours:  Wed. 3:30-5:00pm (in or around DM 409A), Thu 9:00-9:30am (in SACS 302)

Video-lectures: My lectures from Spring 2015 -- (you will also find old exams/quizzes, etc) 

                     Video-lectures of Prof. Richard Delaware, Univ. of Missouri

You will be asked to watch videos and take notes (in a separate note-book, or section of the note-book) from the videos before we cover the corresponding sections. You will be checked and graded for these notes.

Exams: For tentative schedule see the syllabus. The structure of the exams will be roughly as follows: about 80% is at the level of  standard suggested problems and 20% at the level of more difficult suggested problems (denoted with *) or theoretical topics (proofs that you will be asked to know). There is always a small bonus which may test your creativity and capacity to reason. In the suggested assignment below, the more challenging problems are denoted with a star. You should do enough of the suggested problems to be sure you understand the technique and/or idea behind them. If you have troubles with the suggested problems, particularly the standard ones, be sure to ask for help (my office hours, the tutoring services, colleagues, the LAs).

You may find useful the free version of the WolframAlpha computer software system . You can use this system at home to check your work, but it is essential that you are able to do computations on your own, not just rely on the software package. For your exams you will not be allowed any kind of electronic devices. 


Date Sections Suggested assignment Notes from videos Comments
Before Jan. 09 Appendices A through E -- Read on your own
those appendicies
and watch Lectures
01, 02, 03 of Professor Delaware.

Lectures 01, 02, 03 of Professor Delaware (see link above this table).
Watch and take notes from the videos indicated before the corresponding class.

Here is a list of prerequisite topics for Calculus. 
This algebra review may also be useful.

Jan. 09 PreCalculus review

PreCalculus review package   and  Answers

Review the proof of Quadratic formula (see notes or video). It is a potential exam question.

Please do the problems in the PreCalculus review package. You will have a diagnostic test next week with problems similiar to those in this package. The diagnostic test will count toward your grade.
Jan. 11 2.1 Rates of Change Lecture examples 01/11

Old background test
2.1 #1-8, 11-19odd, 23-29 odd, 26.

Solution of the old background test (pages 1,2,3)

Solution of page 4
My video lectures 1/13 and 1/15 from Spring 2015 (see link above this table). Watch before the Jan. 11 class and take notes.

Jan 16 1.1 Limits (intuitive)

Diagnostic test
1.1. # 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13a, 17-23 odd – 11th edition; Same #s for 10th edition
My video lecture from 1/20.

Jan 18 1.2 Computing limits

1.3 Limits at infinity
1.2 # 3-9odd, 15-37odd, 20, 26 – 11th edition; Same #s for 10th edition

1.3 #1-5odd, 9-31odd, 35, 36, 38 – 11th edition (or #1-5odd, 9-31odd, 43, 44, 46 – 10th edition)
My video lecture from 1/22.