We aim to use our research to educate and approach science to the public. We believe in the power of knowledge as a way to engage people into science, inspiring communities and helping train the next generation of biologists.

Textbooks and articles

Our scientific contributions are periodically published in different media specialized in education and outreach, including journals, books and web resources. Many of these have been first released in Spanish in order to facilitate access to members of the Hispanic minority group, the largest in the country.

Social networking

The age of technologies and communications provides us with resources to share research and knowledge with massive audiences. We want to be part of this revolution taking outreach to the next level: the instant dissemination of real time scientific advances through social networks.

Educational partnerships

We are always looking for partnerships with educators and media experts sharing our objective of bringing science and public service together. If you are interested in working with Chromevol developing new learning and outreach tools, please contact us. Together we can make a difference.

Take Away service

We want to take our science where you are. Either at your local school, at your community center, at your favorite museum… Contact us if you want to have a member of Chromevol presenting an informal talk or a seminar. We can adapt our contents to engage audiences ranging from kids to seniors.

SciLogs: A blog about evolution

If you are interested in evolution and want to know more about what is going on in the field, please, follow our blog. No previous knowledge is needed.


Outreach papers

About Evolution: Keys to Understand How Our Genetic Material Evolves.
University of A CoruƱa Press, Spain. Mar. 2013. View PDF.

J.M. Eirin-Lopez.

Epigenetics and Evolution
eVolution (Journal of the Spanish Society of Evolutionary Biology) Oct. 2012. View PDF.

J.M. Eirin-Lopez

The key role of histones
InvestigaciĆ³n y Ciencia (Spanish edition of Scientific American). Dec. 2011. View PDF.

R. Gonzalez-Romero, J. Mendez, J. Ausio, and J.M. Eirin-Lopez

Unlocking tangled secrets of the DNA molecule
eStrategies, Jun. 2008. View PDF.

J.M. Eirin-Lopez