Plant Talk 2015-2016

An informal lunchtime seminar venue in the Biology Department

at Florida International University - Wednesday from noon to 1 pm

 in  WC 130  

[or other times and places as listed below]

We invite you to join us

for relaxed research presentations, half-baked hypotheses, travelogues, virtual visits to near and far away field sites, and who knows?  The lineup is ever-changing...

If you would like to give a presentation, or more information, please contact Scott Zona (ph. 305-348-1247) or Suzanne Koptur (ph. 305-348-3103).




2 Sep 2015


Dr. Matthew Toro (FIU GIS Lab)

Coffee in the Bolaven Plateau Region, Laos

16 September

Dr. Stephen Haggerty (Earth and Environment)

Plants, Diamonds, and Agro-mining

23 September

Dr. Santiago Madrinan (Univ. de los Andes and Jardin Botanico de Cartegena "Guillermo Pineres, Colombia

Paramo is the World's Fastest Evolving and Coolest Biodiversity Hotspot

30 September

Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega (Biology and FTBG) and Ms. Nancy Korber (Librarian/Archivist FTBG, retired)

The Last Plant Expedition of David Fairchild

14 October

Nichole Tiernan and Jonathan Flickenger (FIU Biological Sciences)

An Expedition to the Dominican Republic: Studies in Plumeria (Apocynaceae) and Myrtaceae

21 October

Brittany Harris (FIU Agroecology Program, Earth and Environment)

Insecticides and Pollination of Imperiled Plants of the Lower Florida Keys

28 October

Dr. Chris Baraloto (International Center for Tropical Botany, and FIU Biological Sciences)

Tropical Plant Latex: an Understudied Model for Plant Biology and Source for Plant Products

4 November

Andrea Salas (Earth and Environment)

Effects of host plant density on herbivores and their parasitoids: a field experiment with a native perennial legume

25 November

Kristie Wendelberger (PhD defense, Biological Sciences)

Detecting long-term community shifts in response to sea level rise: Can life stage and competitive ability be used as indicators in guiding conservation actions?

13 January 2016

Dr. Brad Bennett

Science in fiction:  The novel and northern Florida

27 January

Dr. Scott Zona

Litter-trappers, filter-feeders of the plant kingdom

3 February

Jaeson Clayborn

Monarch conservation in a changing world: Milkweed, Michoacán, and Miami

10 February

Eddie Marques

Ant-mediated effects on Sarracenia

24 February

Joanna Weremijewicz (Univ. Miami Biology)

Roles of common mycorrhizal networks in plant nutrition and interactions

2 March

Tim Perez

Intraspecific variability, niche breadth, and geographic distribution of the tropical understory

9 March

Haydee Borrero

Evaluating the population status of Trichocentrum undulatum throughout its distribution, a story of South Florida and neighboring Cuba

23 March

Ashley DuVal (Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies)

Invisible intensification in the Amazon Estuary: farmer-driven domestication of the acai palm (Euterpe oleracea Mart.)

30 March

Adel Peña

Using herbaria to document pine rockland Fabaceae species decline

6 April

Javier Francisco-Ortega

From Canada to the Tropics: The Brothers of the Christian Schools and Island Plants

13 April

Jason Downing

Will orchids survive the Homogenocene?

20 April

David Berthold (Earth and Environment/ Biology)

Co-Culturing of Microorganisms and Algae for High Biomasss and Lipid Production