Plant Talk 2019-2020

An informal lunchtime seminar venue in the Biology Department

at Florida International University - Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm

 in  WC 130  

[or other times and places as listed below]

We invite you to join us

for relaxed research presentations, half-baked hypotheses, travelogues, virtual visits to near and far away field sites, and who knows?  The lineup is wide ranging and ever-changing...

If you would like to give a presentation, or more information, please contact Alan Franck (ph. 305-348-3514) or Suzanne Koptur (ph. 305-348-3103).




28 August 2019

Brad Bennett

Native Trees of Southern Florida:  History of the Knowledge of the Arboreal Flora (or Names you Might Not Know)

18 September

25 Sep

Brittany Harris

Invasions in Plant-Animal Mutualisms on Islands

9 October

Georgia Tasker

Orchids and Wrangel Island

23 Oct

John Shane, PhD - Inspectorlab (Ft. Lauderdale)

Botany and Forensic Science

30 October

Nichole Tiernan

David Fairchild's Collection of Frangipani

13 November

Javier F-O

Early US Plant Explorers: Endeavors in the Atlantic Islands

20 November

Maria-Luisa Veisaga hosts a joint Latin American Caribbean Center, Religious Studies, and Plant Talk joint meeting with Presentations by Tinker Field Grant Recipients

Human/Plant Relationships

27 November

Thanksgiving next day

Happy Holidays!

15 January 2020

Ane Alencar, Director of Science at the Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazonia (IPAM)

Amazon Forests, Drought, and Fires

29 January

Jonathan Flickinger

Guava, Allspice and Everything Nice: The Genera of Myrtaceae in the Caribbean

12 February

Mayra Ninazunta

Palms, Princes of the Forest: an overview of the growth strategies of a hyperdominant palm species in western Amazonia.

26 Feb

Spring Break!

no Plant Talk

11 March

Diego Salazar Amoretti

A tropical conundrum: Is it good to be a specialist in the land of rarity?

25 March

Dr. Kanchi Gandhi (Harvard U)

Senior Nomenclatural Registrar for IPNI (International Plant Names Index)

8 April

Melissa McCartney & co.

Putting Botany in Focus: tours of a botanical garden as part of an intro bio course

15 April

22 April

Earth Day! finals week