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Schoolyard Ecology

Guide to Plants of Ludlam Elementary [pdf]

    by Sarah Rawlings, edited by Janet Holmes, Johnson Joseph, and Suzanne Koptur

    As an independent study, after taking classes with me (Ecology, Local Flora, Nature Teaching), and volunteering as a gardening leader in the "After School Gardening Gang",  Sarah Rawlings put together a guide to the plants of Ludlam Elementary School.  This guide begins with a map of the schoolyard and list of what plants can be found in which garden area, then lists all the native plants (most of which we planted over the last five years), then the non-native plants.  Sarah gleaned photos and drawings from various books and websites, and used black-and-white so the guide is easily and economically photocopied.  Janet Holmes and Johnson Joseph, former classmates in Ecology and Nature Teaching, and ASGG gardening leaders, made the guide more readable and interesting with their editing and addition of human uses (supported by college work-study funds). 

Botany for Kids

These are handouts for activities I have done with my son's classes as he moved through elementary school, and I post them here so others might use them, teachers in Miami or perhaps other places on earth!  If you see any errors or omissions please contact me.

1) Botany Word Jumble [pdf]

2)  Fruits and Vegetables [pdf]

3) How Plants Grow [pdf]

4) Leaf Fantasy [pdf]

5) Light and Plants [pdf]

6) Looking at Light [pdf]

7) Photosynthesis [pdf]

8) Plant Math [pdf]

9) Seeds Review [pdf]

10) What are flowers for? [pdf]