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Welcome to a gallery of a few photos from my collection.

Please note that all the images here are protected by copyright and that they may not be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any way without my express written permission.

Thank You and Enjoy,

Grover Larkins

Golden Salt Marsh Mosquito -- Aedes solicitans

Everglades National Park

Nikon F4S, 200mm f4 Micro Nikkor, PK-13 Ring, TC-300, generic 2X converter, Sunpack DX-8R Ring Flash, Tripod

f8 on Prime lens, Stack as above at min focus, TTL exposure at 1/250 sec.

Fuji Provia 100

Adult Lubber Grasshopper -- Everglades National Park

Nikon F4S, Spot metered, 300mm f4 EDIF-AF Nikkor + PK-13 Tube

f8 -- Aperture Priority

Fuji Velvia rated at ISO 40

Giant Swallowtail shortly after emerging from Chrysalis -- My Back Yard

Nikon F4S, Spotmeter, Sunpack DX-8R Ringflash, Handheld

f 11 @ 1/250 sec. -- TTL Flash

Fuji Sensia 100

More will come later!!!

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