Lei Guo’s webpage


The above picture, a magical moment of miami beach sunrise, was captured by Guangshun Guo, an award-winning photographer, who also is my dad! As a physicist, it is impossible to not only appreciate the sheer beauty of this art, but also ponder all the physics contained within: optics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics to name a few. If you have ever wondered why is the sky blue, and the sunset/sunrise reddish, then you shoudl be a physicist if you are not yet one.


My main research interest is nuclear physics using electromagnetic probes. I am involved in the CLAS and GLUEX experiment at Jefferson Lab, located in Newport News, Virginia. I have also participated in the PHENIX experiment at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC at BNL), and E906 experiment at Fermi Lab near Chicago.

Motivated undergraduate students are welcome to join the experimental nuclear physics group by conducting either independent study or supervised research. Outstanding students could be compensated for their work.  For more information, please click here