Guangliang Liu, Ph. D.
Assistant Director, Research Programs and Services
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Florida International University


Ph. D. (2000), Environmental Chemistry, Nankai University, China
B. Sc. (1995), Environmental Chemistry, Nankai University, China


My research interests lie in the broad area of environmental sciences, particularly with respect to environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biogeochemistry of biomedically important contaminants. My current research focuses on the fate, transport, and transformation of toxic metals (including metalloids) such as mercury and arsenic in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. This research is ultimately aimed to promote an understanding of the interactions between toxic metal contamination, ecological change, and human health and to provide implications on environmental management to mitigate health risks associated with toxic metals.


  • Reviewer
    Environmental Science and Technology
    Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology
    Environmental Pollution

    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
    Science of the Total Environment
    Applied Geochemistry
    Food Additives & Contaminants
    Water, Air, & Soil Pollution
    ACS Symposium Series, “Advances in Arsenic Research”
  • Co-chair
    Special Session “Biogeochemistry of Mercury” at the 30th SETAC North America Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, Nov 19-23, 2009.
    Special Session “Transformation and Fate of Mercury in the Environment” at the 29th SETAC North America Annual Meeting. Tampa, FL, Nov 11-16, 2008.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (see detailed CV for publication list)

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