Welcome to:    MCB 3020L General  Microbiology Lab

  Summer 2015   HLS 280  9:30 AM - 11:50AM Tuesday/Thursday       Instructor: Jose Roble (jrobl007@fiu.edu)
         The Lab Manual is On-Line:  Download Experiments and Other Material or Print Them out from This Site.
Students must download and print out Rules and Lab Reports before comming to the first lab session during the first week.   Also you will need:  Microscope Maintenance and the Appendix from this page.   

Dates with asterix (*) will do a Daily Lab Report for one experiment.
12 -
ntroduction to Microbiology Lab.  Experiment 1 Microscopy 
14 -  Experiment 2  Gram Stain                              

19 - Experiment 3 Viable Titer and Pure Culture                    
21 - Experiment 3, con't

26 -
Experiment 3, con't
- Experiment 4,  Phenotype

2 - 
Experiment 4  Phenotype   See below for Access to API20 Instructions + Experiment 5 Winograsky Column Set Up  Winogradsky Colum (and Enrichment Culture)   
  - Expt 4 con't (Inoculate API Strips)+ Expt 5: Student ORAL Presentations: Enrichment Culture

9 - Analyze API strips, Expt 4 finish;
Experiment 5 con't: Inoculate Enrichment Culture.                                                                   
11 - Experiment 5 con't.  and Experiment 6 Spore and Acid Fast Stains                                                                        

16 -
Experiment  5 con't.
18 - Finish Expt. 5, Experiment 7 What is Yogurt?                                                                                

23 - Experiment 7 con't   +  30 Minute Lab Midterm Exam  
25 - Experiment 7 con't

30 - Experiment 7 finish        
- Experiment 8  Human Symbiotic Bacteria

7 - Experiment  8 con't.                          
9 - Experiment 8 con't

14 - Experiment  8 con't
16 - Experiment 8 finish

21 - Experiment 9  Bacteriophage
23 - Experiment 9  con't

28 - Experiment 9 con't, Experiment 5  Winogradsky Column; 
30- Final Lab Exam

Grading:   11 Lab Reports = 110 points; 15 Daily Quizzes = 90 points; Oral Presentation = 15 points; Midterm Exam: 35 points; Final Exam: 50 points.      Total: 300 points.

Link to API20e Instructions   API20e IdentificationTable   API20ne Instructions   API20ne IdentificationTable


1.  Adherence to Lab Rules in the Lab Manual.  This is the most important because we will be working with microbes
some of which could be pathogenic.  It is utmost importance that students practice good aspeptic technique and
saftey procedures.  Lab coats, gloves and goggles ARE REQUIRED.

3.  Lab Ediquite.  CELL PHONES should be off. 

4.  Lab Clean-UpEach lab session students must clean up their work area and disinfect the bench surface (see
Lab Manual Rules and Reports).  Do not wash glassware, it all must be sterilized before it can be cleaned.

5.  Cheating.  Any cheating will result in a grade of F.  See the FIU Student Handbook for Standards of Conduct.

6.  Absences.  Specific documentation (doctor's letter, police record, etc.) is required for excused absences.

7.  GRADES:  TA's will grade daily lab quizes and reports, the Lab Midterm Exam, Oral Presentation and Final Exam.  The TA's will consult with the Professor in charge about grade distribution and the final grade of each student.

8.  Daily Lab Quiz (5pts each), a short 5 min quiz on the lab to be done that day.  Come prepared having read the lab thoroughly before lab.

9.  Lab Reports:  see link above.

INSTRUCTOR POLICY:  we want you to learn as much as possible and enjoy this course.  We want you to get a good, successful grade.  We will always help you attain these goals.  Please don't hesitate to come to us with questions, concerns, or to discuss any other aspects of the course, research, or lab assistant opportunities.