►Dr. Melesse received College of Arts, Science and Education (CASE) award for Teaching.

►Welcome to Agenagnew Asfaw, a visiting Scholar at FIU and a PhD Candidate at the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute, Ethiopia

►Welcome to Dr, Woubet Alemu, A Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholar, who will join our lab in Fall 2018.

►Dr. Melesse is awarded by FIU as Top Scholar for dedicated mentoring

►Anteneh’s work was highlighted in FIU News (

►Congratulation to Anteneh Z. Abiy for winning the Dissertation Evidence Acquisition  Fellowship of 2018

►Congratulation to Anteneh Z. Abiy for winning the Everglades Foundation Fellowship of 2017

►Congratulation to Mohammad Haji Gholizadeh for being selected as Worlds Ahead Graduate of FIU for 2016 outstanding academic and personal achievement

►Dr. Melesse received a recognition and award from the College for his research work.

►A new book, Landscape Dynamics, Soils and Hydrological Processes in Varied Climates, is published by Dr. Melesse.

►Congratulations to Tara Blakey and Hari Kandel for being selected as Worlds Ahead Graduates of FIU for outstanding academic and personal achievement

►IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference

►Doctoral Student Hari Kandel received the 2014 Ralph Sanchez Grand Prix Scholarship

►4th International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S2015) July 13-15, 2015, Basel, Switzerland

►Tara Blakey of our group is awarded the McKnight Dissertation Fellowship Award for the 2014-2015.

►A new Nile River basin book: Ecohydrological Challenges, Climate Change and Hydropolitics is published by Springer. Dr. Melesse is the lead editor of the book

►Dr. Melesse was recognized by the university and awarded for excellence in mentorship.