General Theory of Relativity and Compact Stars, PHY6936
  CP103, MW  6.25-7:40pm
  Office Hours MW -3:00-3:30pm


Lecture 1- Special Theory of Relativity: Inertial Reference Frame;
                  Principle of relativity; Speed of propagation of interaction;
                  Signal, event, world line;  Invariant interval;

Lecture 2-
Special Theory of Relativity: Timelike and Spacelike intervals;
                  Causal Structure; Proper Time; Lorentz Transformations; Proper length;

Lecture 3- Special Theory of Relativity:  4-vectors, tensors, metrics and all of that.

Lecture 4- Special Theory of Relativity: Dynamics, energy, momentum, velocity,
                                                                  acceleration, force

Lecture 5- Fragments of Differential Geometry: World according to  curvilinear

Lecture 6- General Theory of Relativity I: Principle of Equivalence.  Moving freely  in  
                                                                    the freely falling elevator. Gravity, Lorentz Frames,
                                                                     Affine connection and Christoffel symbols
                                                                    Geodesics.  Along comes Newtoanian gravity
Lecture 7- General Theory of Relativity II: Principle of General Covariance. Covariant
                                                                      Differentiation. Geodesic Equation from
                                                                      covariance  principle.
                                                                      Covariant divergence and conserved

Lecture 8- General Theory of Relativity III: Riemann Curvature Tensr
                                                                      Second Covariant derivatives of scalars, vectors and tensors
                                                                      Symmetries of the Riemann Tensor
                                                                      Bianchi Identities
                                                                      Einstein Tensor
Lecture 9- General Theory of Relativity IV: Einstein's Field Equations,
                                                                       Energy Momentum Tensor,
                                                                       Cosmological Constant
Lecture 10- General Theory of Relativity IV: Static and Spherical,
                                                                       Swartzshild Geometry,
                                                                       Towards Oppenheimer-Volkoff Equations
                                                                       Some wonders of GTR
Lecture 11- Equations of Relativistic Stellar Structure: GTR and Newtonian Gravity,
                                                                       Limiting mass and boundary conditions,
                                                                       Star of uniform density,
                                                                       Absolute limiting mass/radius,

  Lecture 12- Properties of Relativistic Stellar Structure: Scaling properties of
                                                                        Equations.  Back-to the Basics - GTR
                                                                        invariant volumes, scalar
                                                                        densities, current conservations and all that.
                                                                        Baryon number density.
                                                                        Baryon number of a star.  Causality and the
                                                                        limiting mass of a star. Conditions for stability.
Lecture 13- Beyond the Limiting Mass:    Implosions of the interiors of Beyond-Maximum
                                                                   Mass Stars,  Black-Holes.
                                                                   Falling into the Black Holes.  Light Cones Near the
                                                                   Black Holes and no escape
                                                                   scenarios.  Density of the Black Holes.  Observational
                                                                   evidence of compact stars and Black Holes.                                                                  
 ?   Information.


The Main Textbook:
"Compact Stars" Norman K. Glendenning


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Homeworks (100%)

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