Florida International University

Department of Physics

Syllabus for Physics 2048, Physics I with Calculus

Summer  C 2013

14-May --  1-August

Lectures: 6:30-8:15pm,  Tuesdays and Thursdays ,  OE134
Office Hours  5:00:-6:00pm TuTh
                           (or by appointment),

Dr. Misak M.  Sargsian
CP 234, University Park

(305)  348-3954

email: sargsian@fiu.edu
(from May 14 - June 11)

Dr. Gopal Bhatta
CP 204, University Park

(305)  348-2605
email: gbhat001@fiu.edu
(from June 13 - Aug 1)

NEWS:    Course ID: SUMMER20132048C

Academic Calendar               
Current Grades

What we will  do


We will be using the textbook of  University Physics by Young & Freedman
13th Edition.  Below are the chapter sections we will cover during  each week
of the semester.  Some sections will be covered in greater depth than others. 
It is important to read the sections prior to each class as they will complement
the lectures.  The reading assignments for the semester are listed below.

As you will learn, in physics, the problem solving is fundamental in comprehending the concept. We will be using a web-based system for turning in and grading the homeworks.
You will be able to get to the   homework page here     where you will find detailed instructions for using the system.  
[This syllabus is already on the web.  The URL for this page  is: http://www.fiu.edu/~sargsian/2048smc.html ].  The homework will count for 19% of your grade for the course.

Final Grades:
There will be homeworks  and three in-class exams.   In-class exam grades and the homework  will be used to determine the course grade. The weighting of the grades will be 27% each
for the in-class exams and 19% for the homewroks.  

 And finally some No's, since this is a college class:
No cheating,  No chatting,  No napping and No unjustified exam makeups...

Reading Assignments:
 Date Chapters-Sections - Reading Assignment
May 14
 1.  Units, Physical Quantities and Vectors 
May 16
 2Motion Along a Straight Line
May 21
 2.  Motion Along a Straight Line
May 23
 3.  Motion in Two or Three Dimensions
May 28
 4.  Newton's Laws of Motion
May 30
 5.  Applying Newton's Laws 
June 4
 6.  Work and Kinetic Energy
June 6
 7.  Potential Energy and Energy Conservation
June 11
   Exam (Ch.1-7)
June 13
 8.  Momentum, Impulse and Collisions
June 18
 8. Momentum, Impulse and Collisions
June 20
 9. Rotation or Rigid Bodies 
June 25
10.  Dynamics of Rotational Motion
June 27 12.  Fluid Mechanics
July 2
13.   Gravitation
July 4 Independence Day, No classes
July 9
 EXAM I (ch. 8-13)
July 11
14.  Periodic Motion
July 16
15.  Mechanical Waves
July 18
16.  Sound and Hearing
July 23

17.   Temperature and Heat

July 25
18.  Thermal Properties of Matter
July 30 19.  The First Law of Thermodynamics
August  1



Expected Grade scales

C-   47.0   - 53.5
C    53.6   -  59.5
C+  59.6  -  66.5
B-   66.6  -  73.5
B    73.6   - 79.5
B+  79.5  - 85.5
A-   85.6. - 91.5
A    91.6  - up