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2003 AAA Practicing and Professional Employment Services Initiatives. Initiatives to change the organizational culture of the American Anthropological Association to better recognize and promote practicing and professional anthropologists. Enhances the AAA Career Placement Services and the AAA Business Office services focused on professionals and employer organizations. Integrates practicing/professional anthropologists into the AAA's organizational structure, a long-range goal of the AAA.

2001 - Present. Academic Affairs, Academic Program Review. As Director of Program Review at FIU, these web pages provide the guidelines for the self-study and review of degree programs. State legislation mandates review of each degree every five years. FIU has over 220 degrees.

2000  FIU Benchmark Universities. By Dennis Wiedman and Maria Teresa Herrera.

1999 Institutional Effectiveness at FIU. Powerpoint presentation and charts provide an overview of the planning and evaluation system developed at FIU over 10 years. Flow charts portray the annual planning process and the multi-year strategic planning process.

1999 Led development of vision and major goals of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

1996 Florida International University: Reaching For The Top. Second edition. Dennis Wiedman, editor and compiler. (University Strategic plan), 54 pages.

1990 - 2001 Responsible for the development of Academic Affairs policies and procedures. Created and maintained the on-line policy manuals. Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures:
Undergraduate Policies and Procedures:


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