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Physicist aren't exactly known for their fancy clothes and the typical physicist's idea of accessorizing is a shirt pocket full of pens. So, having a physicist review fashion is a bit like having a sewage worker review fragrances. However, among my peers, I am uniquely qualified to critique fashion: I once had a student say that I "dressed neat" in my year-end evaluations.

The Chanel golden chain seems to have been inspired by a figure out of a material-sciences technical journal. The golden spheres appear to represent atoms and the connecting strands represent the electrons binding the atoms together. The random orientation of the strands and spheres conjures up the image of polymer chains such as in the molecular structure of plastics. If this piece turns out to be a hit, look for a whole new wave of physics-inspired fashion such as radioactive evening wear or micro-chip earrings...Or maybe not.

*The German version is slightly different from what I submitted. The editors thought socks and sandels was more appropriate than pocket protectors and pens. Go figure.


Translation of Bio

Brian Raue is professor for experimental nuclear physics at Florida International University in Miami. He promised us that after his contribution to SZ-Magazin he eventually will go shopping and donate his short pants to charity.

Brian A Raue
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