My research is in harmonic analysis and approximation theory.  In particular, I am interested in:



·        Bases and frames in Hilbert spaces (in finite or infinite dimensional spaces)

·        Exponential bases and frames on domains of Rd

·        Weighted inequalities for the Fourier transform


I am also interested in


1.     Unique continuation properties of solutions of elliptic equations and systems.

2.     Evaluation of the norms of convolution operators and other sharp constants

3.     Geometric properties of harmonic functions and of solutions of Schrodinger equations 

4.     Restriction properties of the Fourier transform to manifolds of arbitrary co-dimension and the restriction conjecture

5.     Uniform estimates of orthogonal polynomials and special functions.


With my student Oleg Asipchuk I am studying exponential bases on disconnected domains of Rd. With my student Luis Rodrigues  I am investigating the properties of finite frames and Gabor frames.

Here are links to Oleg and Luis’ papers.

1.     Construction on exponential bases on split intervals  (with V. Drezels)- 2022. To appear in: Canadian Math Bulletin (2023)

2.     Additive stability of frames  (with J. Glidwell and L. Rodriguez)-2023. Submitted.


Here is a list of my publications and preprints.


Papers in Professional Journals and preprints

[43] A. Echezabal, L. De Carli, M. Laporta,  Approximating divisor functions  (2023) (submitted)

[42] L. De Carli, E. Liflyand, Lp simulation of measures (2023) to appear in the European Journal of mathematics.

[41] P. Casazza, L. De Carli and T. Tran, Piecewise scalable frames  To appear in Linear algebra and its applications (2023)

[40] P. Casazza, L. De Carli and T. Tran, Remark on scalable frames   (2022)  To appear on  Operators and Matrices (2023)

[39] L. De Carli, P. Vellucci, Applications of Lax-Milgram theorem to problems in frame theory,  in:   “Sampling Theory in Signal and Information Processing” (topical collection in data sciences, approximation, and harmonic analysis) (2023)

[38] L. De Carli and J. Edward,  Riesz bases by replacement  Sampling Theory, Signal Processing, and Data Analysis 20 no. 9, (2022).

[37] L. De Carli, D. Gorbachev, and S. Tikhonov,  Weighted gradient inequalities and unique continuation problems,  Calculus of Variations and PDE's 59 (89) (2020)

[36] L. De Carli, A. Mizrahi, A. Tepper, Three problems on exponential bases  Canadian Math. Bulletin (2018)

 [35]  L. De Carli, P. Vellucci   p-Riesz basis and  quasi-shift  invariant spaces  To appear in the Contemporary Mathematics volume “Proceedings of the AMS Special Sessions "Frames, Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory"   edited by:   Y. Kim, S. K. Narayan, G.Picioroaga and E. Weber.

[34] L. De Carli, P. Vellucci   Stability results for Gabor frames and the p-order hold models  (short version) Linear Algebra and Its Applications 536C (2018) pp. 186—200, DOI 10.1016/j.laa.2017.09.020

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