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Gardinali Research Lab

Florida International University, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Biscayne Bay Campus, Marine Science Building MSB230/232

Phone: 305-348-6249/6248 FAX: 305-919-4030 (BBC) 305-348-4096 (MMC)

Project 1 South Florida Contaminant Assessment & Risk Evaluation (CARE)

Defining "background ranges" of trace elements as a management tool for resource protection

Fate and transport of endosulfan sulfate in biotic and abiotic compartments

Contaminant distributions along ENP, BNP and BCNP

Acute exposure of fish to environmentally relevant concentrations of endosulfan sulfate

Fate and transport of pharmaceuticlas, personal care products and other "exotic chemicals" in the coastal environment

Photodegradation of model antibiotics

Photodegradation of Irgarol 1051 in the natural environment

Stability of DOSS under simulated solar radiation

"The sili-fish" Manufacturing and assessment of silicone composites as passive samplers

  Analytical method development

Analysis of pharmaceuticals and personalc are products in pelagic fish

Sweet salt water or bitter sewage? Tracing sewage intrusions using sucralose

Simutaneous detection of multiple classess of antibiotics in surface waters by on-line SPE followed by UPLC/MS-MS

Tracking dispersants in open ocean waters: using DOSS and EGMBE as indicators of Corexit 9500 and 9527

Depection of parent and extended PAHs in water saltwater samples by a combination of dopant assisted APPI+ LC-MSMS

Sub-part per trillion detction of pahrmaceuticals, hormones and wastewater indicators using on-line SPE and LC-MSMS: Comparison between common ionization techniques.


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