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Research foci
2002 in Cuba 2004-2006 Cuba Reindeer citizen science

2002 in Cuba

2004-2006 in Cuba


Citizen Science

There were several stages of initial research in Cuba. The above left links serve as a guide to understanding how Dr. Gebelein's research evolved to the current foci of understanding how land cover/use change occurs over timespans both long and short.

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It is common to hear about climate change but unusual to see such a dramatic example of how climate change is impacting a specific group of people. For the past four years Dr. Gebelein has been working with an informal consortium of researchers including scientists from NASA, Sami University, and Ealát. Reindeer husbandry is conducted in Norway, Finland, and Sweden (among other nations). Climate changes are now observed that directly influence reindeer herders' livelihood. Using GIS, remote sensing and other tools, it is possible to generate a clearer picture of climate change in these regions.

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Citizen science projects involve volunteers of all ages and education levels who partner with scientists to answer real-world questions. There are several projects going on now that are very exciting in the Florida Keys and Miami Dade County.

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I am proud to announce the publication of my new book titled "A Geographic Perspective of Cuban Landscapes", published by Springer Press. This details the physical landscape changes in Cuba from the time of Columbus until current day. I also describe and discuss environmental laws and policies and how Cuba's myriad of land cover types are protected.

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