PHZ 3113
Spring 2017

Description of the Course

PHZ 3113 is an intermediate level course that addresses mathematical methods commonly used in physics. It covers vector calculus, curvilinear coordinates, linear algebra and linear transformations, Fourier series and Fourier transformations, complex variables, and contour integration methods.



Text Book

Essential Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences
K.F. Riley and M.P. Hobson
Cambridge University Press

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Course Outline

Problem Sets

Problem Solutions

Test Solutions


Grades will be based on the problem assignments and four exams as follows:

Average of two best test scores -- 50%
Second lowest test score -- 20%
Lowest test score -- 10%
Homework -- 20%

A passing grade (C or better) will require approximately (but not more than) 50% of the total points possible; an A grade will require approximately (but not more than) 85% of the total points possible.

All tests must be taken on the scheduled date. Makeup tests will not be given. If you miss a test for any reason, you will receive a zero grade for that test.


Incompletes will be given only in the event of an emergency occurring immediately prior to the date of the last test. To receive an incomplete, a student must provide documentation to support the claim of an emergency. Students who do not have a passing grade at the time of the last test will not be given an incomplete under any circumstances. Incompletes normally have to be made up within one month of the end of the semester.

Homework Assignments

Homework will consist of reading from the text and problem assignments. It is generally advisable to carry out the reading before the corresponding material is discussed in lecture. The problem assignments can be downloaded and the due dates obtained on the problem sets page. Late assignments will not be accepted. While collaboration on homework assignments is allowed, simply copying another student's solutions is not allowed and will be considered cheating.