Syllabus (not ready as yet)
       Contains the name of the textbook, prerequisites for the course, relevant sections of the
textbook, exam policy, schedule of exams, grading scheme, and other pertinent

Homework sheet (not ready as yet)                          
Contains the list of Homework Problems for the course including the assigned supplementary problems.
You can find solution to most of the assigned problems in the textbook & in the supplementary HW
just below under Solutions to Homework Problems.


1.  Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (7th edition) by Kenneth H. Rosen, McGraw Hill (2012).

2. Stusent solutions Manual to Discrete Mathematics & its Applications (7th ed.) by Kenneth H. Rosen

Review Sheets. 

      Most of the questions in the exams usually come from the topics in the Review sheet

but this cannot always be so because everything we do cannot always fit on one review page.

        Review for Test#1         Review for Test #2        Review for Test #3

The Review for the Final just consists of the Reviews for Tests #1, #2, & #3.

Past Exams. 

It has been a long time since I last taught Discrete Math.  I will look for some old exams.

Future exams cannot always be very similar to the past exams because things have to change.

Graduate Teaching/Learning Assistants. (Click on the names for photos)

Information is not available as yet.