Green Campus Initiative (GCI) - Honors College Student Group

GCI: Amanda di Perna, Taina Adam, Darleng Egea, Olivia Guthrie, Nayla Alcocer, Krystle Barnes;    Faculty Advisors: Philip Stoddard, CASE Faculty Fellow for Sustainability and Gray Read, Chair Faculty Senate Environment and Planning Committee


    Costs of Single-Use Plastics in Florida   

 GCI Presentation

Executive Summary of Research 

Impact of Plastics on Florida's Tourism and Economy, Taina Adam

Amount and Proportion of Plastics Recycled in Florida, Amanda Di Perna 

Cost of Recycling Plastic, Darleng Egea

Failure of International Plastic Recycling,  Michael Perez and  Nayla Alcocer

How Countries around the World are Successfully Transitioning Away from Single-Use Plastics,  Olivia Guthrie


Full GCI Report 


Policy Brief by Gabriella Wuyke,  FIU Public Health student