Ideas for Miami

  Proposals toward creating a sustainable city generated by students in ARC 5935 Sustainable Urbanism



Redesigning Highways roofscape

Energy Generation on highways: Anielka Arguello

Dolphin Expressway as greenway: Branco Micic

Bus Rapid Transit stops on Palmetto Expressway: Raquel Garrido

Link to Mall of the Americas: Rodrigo Urbaneja

Rethinking the Bus Stop

Bus Stop: Bernice Chavez & Jennifer Sandoval


Greening the City

Parklets in Downtown Miami: Yanelle Suarez

Community Gardening for revitalized Overtown: Selene Varella


Repurposing Parking lots and garages

            Parking lots as green spaces: Claudia Garcia

            Park & Grow – Garages for crops: Marny Pareda


Skybridges in Downtown

Elevated cycling lane: Malcolm Jones, Mohammad Aljehani

Government Center Skybridge to Downtown: Valeria Fossi


Street Design for Transit, Pedestrians and Cycling

Flagler Street redesigned: Caitlin Bonet

8th Street West redesigned: Monica Rodriguez

Port Boulevard as Downtown Park: Gabriela Quintero

Painted Intersections on Biscayne Boulevard: Elise Francis

Biscayne Boulevard at Bayfront Park: Alexa-Marie Monfort

107th Ave and 8th Street: Ricardo Henriques