PHY5240 Advanced Classical Mechanics

Tue. Thur. 1400-1515 DM 193
Instructor: Dr. Wang, CP-216, Tel. 73064

Office Hours: 900-1200, M,W,F
Textbook: None Listed
Reference: Classical Mechanics 3rd ed. by Goldstein (G)
Reference: Intro. Classical Mechanics by Morin (M) textbook
Reference: Classical Dynamics of Particles.. 5th ed. by Thornton (T)
Homeworks are assigned and maybe collected 20%
Exams: one mid-term exam, 35%, cumulative final, 45%.

Course Description and Objectives:  

A limeric by David Morin:

There once was a classical theory
of which quantum disciples were leery.
They said, "Why spend so long
On a theory that's wrong?"
Well, it works for your everyday query!




Week-1 (Aug. 21) strategies and new tools (for problem solving) (M)-1
Week-2 (Aug. 28) analytical and numerical solutions MATHEMATICA
Week-3 (Sep. 4) Euler-Lagrange equation of motion (general) (G)-1
Week-4 (Sep. 11) Math: calculus of variations (M)-6
Week-5 (Sep. 18) Lagrange equation and conserved quantities (G)-2
Week-6 (Sep. 25) constraints and non-conservative forces (G)-2
Week-7 (Oct. 2) two-body central force problem (T)-8
Week-8 (Oct. 9) review and mid-term
Week-9 (Oct. 16) examples of central force problem (G)-3
Week-10 (Oct. 23) motion of rigid-body (G)-4
Week-11 (Oct. 29) rigid-body dynamics (T)-11
Week-12 (Nov. 6) rigid-body dynamics examples (G)-5
Week-13 (Nov. 13) small oscillations and chaotic motions (G)-6
Week-14 (Nov. 20) Legendre transformation and Hamiltonian dynamics (G)-8
Week-15 (Nov. 27) canonical transformation (G)-9
Final Exam Week (Dec. 4) FINAL* Dec. 8th, Thur. 1200-1400

*Please check for changes in schedule on Panthersoft pages.