Out in Space

"Our poets do not write about it; Our artists do not try to portray this remarkable thing. I don't know why. Is no one inspired by our present picture of the universe? The value of science remains unsung by singers: you are reduced to hearing not a song or poem, but an evening lecture about it. This is not yet a scientific age."

--Richard Feynman

The purpose of this Web Site

THe "Out in Space" project began way back in 1972 when my brother Daniel Joe Webb (AKA Ringo) wrote a song called the "Black Hole Song". Since then I obtained my PhD in Astronomy, became a professor of physics during the day, and a guitarist/folk singer/songwriter during the evening. A large number of my songs were astronomical in nature, in other words dealt with ideas and concepts in astronomy and physics. These songs were honed through hours of coffee house perfomances and classroom concerts. They were nothing more than some clever, perhaps even catchy, songs and my home-recorded CD travelled the world. Although many people really liked the songs, the quality of the CDs were poor, recorded single-handidly on my own in the middle of the night. Then something changed. I met Keith Morrison . Keith is a consummate professional music producer. He became interested in hearing, and recording, the music. Teaming up with Keith takes the music to a whole other level. The music posted on this web site is a result of this union: A scientist who loves music and had attained some level of skill, and a musician who had a passion for the science embodied in the music. As a result, "Out in Space" is not simply a collection of songs, an album, but journey through space and time. Each song is accompanied by test, web citations, and illustrations to make each song come alove and not just entertain, but educate the listener.

The Grand Scheme of Things

Without You

Although I grew up on the Beatles and the Bee Gees, I really like listening to nowadays. Maybe it is living in Florida, or something, but I like to relax and play Buffett music. I have recently taken Classical Guitar lessons with Francisco Burgos, an incredible musican from whom I learned alot from in a very short period of time. In addition to what I learned from Francisco, I also found out how much more there is to know. If you ever want to take Guitar lessons, I highly recommend Francisco, he is an excellent teacher and a genuinely nice individual.

Playing guitar is a great diversion from thinking about relativistic jets and supermassive black holes! I play a Alvarez Classical acoustic (Nylon strings), an Alvarez-Yairi CY128, and an Epiphone Les Paul electric guitar LP 100. My travel guitar is a Martin "Backpacker" guitar, which I frequently take to conferences and meetings.

Here are a couple of Buffett songs I just recorded.

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