Astronomy and Blazar Links

The SARA Pages:

The SARA Observatory Home Page

The SARA Observatory help Pages.

Useful Research pages:

The WEBT site

Sky View Virtual Observatory

Tom Balonek's Colgate University Blazar web pages. Has great light curves and finders for all our favorite objects.

The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Data Base (NED)

The Extragalactic Astrophysics web pages at Heidelberg University. Great finder charts and comparison sequences.

The ADS web site.

The 'Blazar Times' Newsletter

The Veron Cataglgue of Quasars Interesting People and Places:

Greg Benford

IPAC at Cal Tech

Matt Wood's Home Page

The University of Miami Astronomy Club

The Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

The National Science Foundation proposal deadlines web site.

A nice web site for an introduction to Quasars

The VSNET web site for all kinds of astronomical data dissemination.

Andrea Folcik's Astronomy Links Page.

Addison Wesley's 'Astronomy Place' web site.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey web site.

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