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Liona Boyd The nicest and most talented classical guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her clasical albums are excellent, and her album with Eric Clapton, Yo Yo Ma and David Glimour is ground-breaking and excellent!

Edgar Cruz, Fingerstyle Master: A great fingerstyle guitar player based in Oklahoma. I saw him once in Miami and have been a fan ever since. I have three of his CD's and several of arrangements in tab.

John Mason at Blue Ridge Breezes: A really nice guy and a great musician. His primary instrument is the hammered dulcimer, but he is also a fantastic guitarist. Check out his CD's, they are well worth purchasing, or hear him on top of a mountain in North Carolina.

Murial Anderson, fingerstyle Guitarist

Jimmy Buffett's page of course!: No explanation necessary!

Stephen "King of Guitar" King: An amazing fingerstyle guitar player. I bougth all six of his "Beatle" songs done on solo guitar and am still struggling trying to learn some of his arrangements.

Rod MacDonald's Web Page: An unforgetable vocalist who also plays a mean guitar. His stage presence and original songs are great.

Chris Proctor's Home Page: Wow, an amazing musician. His solo fingerstyle arrangements as truely "masterpieces". The arrangements are complex, and he plays them flawlessly.

Francisco Burgos' Home Page: The best guitar teacher in South Florida. An amazing classical guitarist whom I had the priviledge of taking lessons with for a short time. I highly recommend him.i

The Steve Howe Perhaps the best, most versitle guitarist the world has ever known! An amazing guitarist. He introduced classical guitar to a generation of rockers who didn't even know they were listening to classical guitar.

The Scientific Jam web site has some great rock/science music.

Stephen Robinson Web Page

The Place to go for Live Music in South Florida!

The labyrinth Cafe":

Astronomy Music

Dr. Alan Marscher, astronomer, theoretician, and composer of great astronomy songs!

Fiorella Terenzi in an Astrophysicist, musician, and pioneer of turning radio observations into music. Check out her music CD's and her "Invisible Universe" multimedia CD.

The Chromatics, and excellent group of a capella singers who write and perform astronomy songs. The are excellent singers, and pretty darn good astronomers too!!

Groups or Associations:

The Science Songwriters Association

South Florida Folk Music Page

The Guitar Foundation of America

Flatpicking Page

World Guitarist Web Page

Sites for Tabs or Playing Advice:

Harmony Central

Guitar Tips

Solo Performer Page

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