Higgs Boson


  PHZ 6359 Quantum Gauge Fields: Practical Introduction to Higgs Physics
  GC283B, MW  6.25-7:40pm
  Office Hours MW -3-4pm


Lecture 1- Survey of Physics in General & Particle Physics in Particular:
                   Laws vs Principles,  Physical Reality, Particles and Fields
                   Elementary Particles and some Mysteries.

Lecture 2-
Relativistic Framework, Lagrangians, Currents, Conservations and Interactions
Lecture 3- Symmetries and Conservation Laws (Noether Theorem) 

Lecture 4- Global and Local Gauge Invariances:

Lecture 5- From Maxwell equations to quantum theory of light.
Lecture 6- Spin and SU(2)

Lecture 7 - Relativisitic Description of the electron - Dirac Equation

Lecture 8 - Quantum Electrodynamics as an example of Local Gauge Invariance
               vs U(1) transformations
Lecture 9 - Feynman Rules of QED, Feynman Amplitude and Cross Section

Lecture 10 - Calculation of some fundamental QED processes. 
                e+mu -> e+mu,  e+e-> e+e,  e+gamma -> e+gamma
Lecture 11- SU(3) of hadronic spectrum, SU(3) of the Color degrees of

Lecture 12 - Derivation of QCD Lagrangian

Lecture 13 - Derivation of Feynman Rules in QCD

Lecture 14 - Calculation of some Basic QCD processes

Lecture 15 - Foundation of Week Intraction

Lecture 16- Electroweak Gauge Theory

Lecture 17 - Masses and the Higgs Mechanism
Lecture 18- Cross Sections, Decays and Lifetimes of W and Z
Lecture 19-  Production of W and Zs
Lecture 20- Production and Detection of Higgs Boson
Lecture 21- Beyond Standard Model
Lecture 22- Dark Matter/Neutrino Masses/....                                                             
 ?   Information.


The Main Textbook:
"Modern Elementary Particle Physics"
by Gordon Kane

 Final Grade is based on:

Homeworks (100%)

Homework Assignments:

HW1.pdf ( due  Jan 17)

HW2.pdf ( due Jan 31)

HW3.pdf ( due Feb 10 )

HW4.pdf ( due Feb  17 )

HW5.pdf ( due Feb 26)

HW6.pdf ( due  March 5)

HW7.pdf ( due March 17)

HW8.pdf ( due  March 24)

HW9.pdf ( due  March 31)

HW10.pdf ( due April  7 )

HW11.pdf ( due  April 14)

HW12.pdf ( due  April  25 )


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