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Mike Sukop
Department of Earth and Environment
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Danny Thorne
Dept. of Math, Physics and Computer Science
Georgetown College
The lattice Boltzmann code available below has many capabilities including
  1. single and multiple components
  2. single-component multiphase (liquid/vapor)
  3. multi-component multiphase (oil/water-like)
  4. solute/heat transport (c.f. Inamuro)
  5. solute/heat induced buoyancy
  6. macroscopic porous media (c.f. Dardis)
  7. easy specification of domain structure via BMP input file
  8. color floods of density, velocity, vorticity, forces written to BMP files directly from the code
  9. matlab scripts are output for additional visualization
  10. control of many parameters via "" text-based input file.

You Tube Videos --  

There are some videos on You Tube that might help you get started if you are a beginner:

1. Installing Cygwin

2. Getting the LB2D_Prime code

3. Running LB2D_Prime: Poisuille Flow 1

4. Running LB2D_Prime: Poisuille Flow 2: Results and MATLAB Interface

5. Running LB2D_Prime: Poisuille Flow 3: Results and MATLAB Interface for 'dat' files

        read_dat.m file

6. Running LB2D_Prime: Flow past an obstacle: Results and MATLAB Interface

7. Running LB2D_Prime: Simulating diffusion

8. Running LB2D_Prime: Matching simulated diffusion to analytical solution

9. Running LB2D_Prime: Taylor-Aris Dispersion

10. Running LB2D_Prime: Taylor-Aris Dispersion 2: Fitting analytical dispersion solution to results

11. Running LB2D_Prime: Taylor-Aris Dispersion 3: Check against Taylor's predictive equation

12. Getting the LB3D_Prime code

13. Running LB3D_Prime: Poiseuille Flow: Creating input geometry

14. Running LB3D_Prime: Poiseuille Flow 2: Viewing input geometry

15. Running LB3D_Prime: Poiseuille Flow 3: Results and check against anayltical solution

16. Running LB2D_Prime: Multicomponent multiphase 1: Basics

17. Running LB2D_Prime: Multicomponent multiphase 2: Phase separation from a random initial condition

18. Running LB2D_Prime: Multicomponent multiphase 3: Contact angles

19. Running LB2D_Prime: Single component multiphase: Capillary rise

Go to GitHub for the most recent developer's versions of the codes:

git clone 

git clone 

git clone 

These used to be hosted on Google Code: 


LB3D_Prime, or


Download Draft User's Guides here: LB2D_Prime or LB3D_Prime

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