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Type II diabetes mellitus is increasing to epidemic proportions among populations throughout the world. Over the past quarter century anthropologists have contributed to the advancement of knowledge about this disease in such areas as genetics, metabolism, obesity, nutrition, modernization, research methods, cultural models, culturally competent care, patient/provider relations, and community interventions.

Since the 1975 publication by anthropologist Russell Judkins, over 195 journal articles, books, and book chapters have been authored or coauthored by anthropologists. Their names are bolded in the citations below. This bibliography provides access to these contributions while facilitating research that effectively builds upon the historical accumulation of anthropology research efforts.

Compiled originally for a paper titled:

"Anthropological Contribution to Diabetes Research and Interventions:
A Critique of the Past Quarter Century and a Look into the Future."

Presented at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association,
Washington DC
November 28, 2001.

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