Dr. Eaton’s recent media and community appearances are below:


Dr. Eaton’s blog for Psychology Today (2020-present)

Quoted in article for Science Magazine 2024 “Men psychology researchers can’t seem to remember their women colleagues

Co-authored article in The Conversation 2024 “Whether of politicians, pop stars or teenage girls, sexualised deepfakes are on the rise. They hold a mirror to our sexist world

Research featured in MSNCB article 2024 “What we keep getting wrong about deepfakes like the fake Taylor Swift nudes

Quoted in article for Glamour Magazine 2023 “You’re sending your nudes to the wrong people

Quoted in article for Nature Magazine 2023 “Academics fight moves to defund diversity programmes at US universities

Quoted in article for Science Magazine 2023 “Teaching evaluations reflect—and may perpetuate—academia’s gender biases

Interviewed for Global News TV segment 2022 “It’s an epidemic’: Sextortion and online crimes against youth spike dramatically

Interviewed for cover article on Public Psychology in APA Monitor 2022 “Publicly Engaged Science

Quoted in article for Insight into Diversity in 2022 “Experts Encourage College Campuses to Prepare for Repercussions of Roe v. Wade’s Overturn

Interviewed for NPR’s Academic Minute in 2022 “Addressing homelessness through a culture of care

Invited panelist at APA Essential Science Conversation Webinar in 2022 “What is Public Psychology and why is it important?

Research featured in the Washington Post in 2022 “Sharing your eating disorder recovery online can be risky, experts say. Follow this advice.

Research featured in Mic in 2022 ““Sextortion” rose during the pandemic — especially for men

Co-authored 2022 news article for Harvard Business Review (HBR)5 ways managers can support pregnant employees

Quoted in 2022 article on Inside Higher EdHow identity shapes science

Interviewed in 2021 for Science MagazineHow to begin building a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your research group

Authored news article in 2021 for Women’s Media Center (WMC)SHIELD act would be first federal law on intimate image abuse

Interview in 2021 for Le Scienze (MIND) magazine “Le vittime del Web

Radio interview in 2021 for CyberCrime RadioCombatting online abuse

Quoted in 2021 article for Prevention MagazineHow to see what you cannot see

Research featured in 2020 article for Psychology TodayHow Pregnancy Discrimination Affects Health

Research featured in 2020 article for ForbesPregnancy Discrimination In The Workplace Affects Mother And Baby Health

Research featured in 2020 article for Bloomberg NewsWhen the Boss Is Bad for the Baby

Research featured in 2020 article for EurekAlert!Study: Troubling connection between workplace pregnancy discrimination and health of mothers, babies

Research featured in 2020 article for PsyPostStudy finds the most racially prejudiced people tend to think that they are less racist than the average person

Research featured in 2019 article for NewsweekCongress failed Katie Hill

Research featured in 2019 article for New York TimesAmber Heard: Are We All Celebrities Now?

Research featured in 2019 article for Teen VogueRevenge porn can haunt you for years

Research featured in 2019 article for ForbesFemale physicians reject ‘good enough’

Video interview for oral history archive containing the stories of feminist psychologists “Psychology’s Feminist Voices: Profile of Asia Anna Eaton” (2019)

Chronicle Vita story in 2019 featuring Dr. Eaton’s research on bias in STEM “How the opaque way we hire postdocs contributes to science’s diversity problem

Inside Higher Ed story in 2019 on Dr. Eaton’s research on bias in STEM “(More) Bias in Science Hiring

Science Magazine story in 2019 on Dr. Eaton’s research on bias in STEM “Racial and gender biases plague postdoc hiring

Interviewed for 2019 NBC 6 TV news story “Illegal Exposure: Sharing Someone Else’s Private Porn Can Be a Crime

Research featured in 2019 article for Pacific Standard  “The most racist people are also the most likely to underestimate their racism

Research featured in 2019 Telemundo TV segment, with interview by Ph.D. student Yanet Ruvalcaba, for “Porno sin permiso

Research featured in 2019 article for BloombergHR Buzz: Madison-Bound • Women at Helm • New Moms Urged to Exit?

Quoted in 2019 article for APA MonitorRenewing the push for equality

Quoted in 2019 article for NYT  “A.S.M.R. Videos Give People the Tingles (No, Not That Way)

Quoted in article for Modern CLEWhy Katelyn Bowden Launched ‘BADASS’ to Help Revenge Porn Victims

Radio interview in 2018 for WLRN’s Sundial, South Florida’s NPR station “Meet the FIU Psychologist Working to Stop Non-Consensual Porn On Social Media

Quoted in BBC News MundoA qué edad solemos conocer cuál es nuestra orientación sexual” (At what age do we usually know what our sexual orientation is?)”

Podcast interview in 2018 for “Department 12” I-O podcastRyan Jacobson & Asia Eaton on sexual harassment policies

Research featured in 2018 article for the Society for Industrial and Organizational PsychologyHow organizations can really fight sexual harassment

Quoted in 2017 Oxygen News story “1 in 20 social media users have shared nonconsensual pornography

Quoted in 2017 Vocativ News story “Survey: 1 in 20 social media users have shared nonconsensual porn

Quoted in 2017 Mic News story “Military women plead with Facebook to address the continued spread of revenge porn

Featured in 2016 Miami New Times story, “Faculty demand FIU become “Sanctuary Campus” for immigrants”

Quoted in 2015 Rise Miami News about the online site Sugardaddies


CBS4 News Segment “FIU Warning Students About Sextortion After Campus PD Identifies 4 Cases” (2022)

NBC6 News Segment on the “Rise in Cyber Partner Violence” during COVID-19 (2020)

Dr. Asia Eaton, 2019 Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies (ICOS) Speaker at University of Michigan, discussing “Workplace Discrimination at the Intersection of Race and Gender” (2019)

Dr. Asia Eaton, 2019 Outstanding Teaching & Mentoring Award Winner (2019)

Shaken and Stirred Invited Talk at SIOP 2018: Valuing the “Feminine” at Work (2018)

Viewpoint with Henry Mack on the Supreme Court Decision on marriage equality (2015)

Issues with Helen Ferré, discussing gender identity and Caitlyn Jenner’s transition (2015)

Issues with Helen Ferré on the legalization of same sex marriage in Florida (2015)


Video interview with the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), How coaches can approach and respond to teen dating violence (2017)


Addressing Cultural Identities When Conducting Research in Miami: Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ (2015)

Caitlyn, Miley, and Gaga: Talking To Your Kids About Sexual and Gender Diversity (2015)