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Fall 2023
Spring 2023
ECO 7115.U01 Micro Theory I, 2pm TTh
ECO 3101.U02 Intermediate Microeconomics, 5pm TTh, DM-110
Fall 2022
ECO 3101.U01 Intermediate Microeconomics, 2pm TTh, DM-110
ECO 6405.U01/7405.U01 Mathematical Methods of Economic Analysis, 5pm TTh, DM-164

Capital Theory Book

My capital theory book with Bob Becker, Capital Theory, Equilibrium Analysis and Recursive Utility is published by Blackwell. It is available from The ISBN is 1-557-86413-6. You can read the preface, and peruse the table of contents here. The book contains a large number of worked examples. The major ones are listed in the list of examples. The errata sheet was last updated June 30, 1998.

Professional Items

You will find here my curriculum vitae in PDF format, a set of abstracts and links to my published papers, downloadable copies of several working papers, and the information on the book Bob Becker and I have written, Capital Theory, Equilibrium Analysis and Recursive Utility

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John H. Boyd III
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