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My name is Laura De Carli. I am a Professor of Mathematics

at Florida International University



Here is a link to my   Vita

And a link to my    Research page 

 I co-organized the Frame theory day, a conference that took place at St. Louis University on Oct 21, 2023


I am the coordinator of Multivariable Calculus (MAC 2313) and linear algebra (MAS 3105).

 Here is a link to the  Calculus 3 review page  for incoming Calc 3 students.

The following video, produced by Gregory Roudenko, gives incoming Calculus 3 students a good idea of what multivariable calculus is about.




Click here for the flyer for our Ph.D. program in applied Math  



For the homepage of the Department of Mathematics of the Florida International University click here.



My email is:



Mailing address:  Department of Mathematics and Statistics

11200 SW 8th Street, DM 430

Miami, FL 33199


Main Tel: 305-348-3769

 Math Tel:  305-348-2743

Fax: 305-348-6158