PHH 2063  Spring 2015 

Classics in Philosophy: An Introduction to the History of Philosophy

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This web-site has a copy of the syllabus, extensive lecture supplements for each of the readings and lectures, and other information relevant to the course.  You are encouraged to provide me with suggestions and comments about the content, and I am grateful for help in correcting the inevitable typos and grammatical errors! 

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PHH 2063 Syllabus

  Hauptli's Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers

 Writing Essay Exams for Professor Hauptli


Lecture Supplements:

Click on these links for the indicated lecture supplement:

 What Is Philosophy?   Introduction to Plato  Plato's "Meno" 77c-78b  Plato's "Euthyphro"  Plato's "Apology"
 Plato's "Crito"  Introduction to Plato's Republic  Plato's Republic First Part
 Plato's Republic Second Part [368-433]  Plato's Republic Third Part [434-end]
 Supplement on Socratic Voices, Piety, and Rationality  Introduction to Modern Philosophy Hobbes Leviathan Anselm's Ontological Argument Criticisms of Anselm's Argument
Descartes' Meditations I-III      


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Paper Topics and Sample Exam Questions:

Throughout the semester paper topic assignments and sample exam questions will be posted below:  

First Paper Topics Second Paper Topics Sample Midterm Questions Third Paper Topics Sample Final Exam Questions

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