Welcome to the Marine Community & Behavioral Ecology Lab!

Shark Bay, Australia


Contact information

Dr. Michael Heithaus
Executive Director, School of Environment, Arts and Society
Florida International University
3000 NE 151 St
North Miami, FL 33181
(305) 919-5234 voice
(305) 919-4030 fax
Mike Heithaus CV

Textbooks and Readers

We have several major projects and initiatives to develop textbooks and readers that are appropriate for the K-12 learner. Please contact us for further information.

Video Based Projects

The lab is currently in the process of developing inquiry-based lessons that use a high production quality video to take students along on research missions in Shark Bay. Students experience data collection and analysis and hypothesis testing and generation while learning about the cool species in Shark Bay. The first versions of the Shark Bay video will be available at www.sberp.org soon and we are just starting to work on Everglades-based videos.

Teacher Professional Development Talks

Members of the Heithaus lab give talks at local schools, museums, and field sites throughout the year. If you are interested in having somebody from the lab come to give a talk about our research, please contact me.


Mike and Grad student


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