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We are in the Physics Department at the Florida International University. We are also in the Biomolecular Science Institute (BSI).

Contact Information:

11200 SW. 8th Street, CP204, Miami, FL 33199

Physics department, Florida International Univesity

Office: CP 227, Lab: CP 277

TEL:305-348-4376 (O), Email: jinhe@fiu.edu


About the group:

Thanks for visiting our group website! We focuses on Nanobiotechnology, Single molecule cellular biophysics and Nano/Molecular electronics. We study the physical, chemical and biological properties of nanoscale materials and systems, ranging from nanostructured materials to small organic molecule, conducting polymer, and biomolecules, individually or at small quantity. We also investigate and detect these nanoscale materials in confined nanoscale and in complexed cellular environment at single cell level. We build and develop sophisticated instruments, especially hybrid SPM (STM, AFM and SICM) systems to integrate mechanical, electrical, electrochemical and optical methods. We also utilize various top-down and bottom-up micro/nano fabrication techniques to fabricate novel devices. One goal of our research is to discover and understand new physics phenomena, properties and functions at nanoscale. The other goal is to transfer the research discoveries into practical devices and tools, and new applications that are relevant to promoting health and combating disease.

Recent Lab news:

Postdoc, graduate, and undergraduate opportunities and positions available.(link)

2020/10, Jing Guo succesfully defended her thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Guo!

2020/08, We received an NSF grant (CHE-2003785) to study molecular dynamics by combining optical two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy (2DCS) and scanning tunneling microscope (STM). This is a collaborative project with Dr. Hebin Li's group.

2020/06-08, Supported by STROBE REU program, Catherine and Daniel did summer research in the lab remotely!

2020/06, Popular Pandey succesfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Pandey!

2019/03, We have a group reunion at BPS annual meeting!


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