2020 - Mangrove research



FIU news:
Everglades scholar wants to help restoration nabagers priositize mangroves areas


2020 - Caribbean Earthquakes



FIU news:
FIU experts available to discuss earthquakes in the Caribbean

Miami Heralds:
Why the ground shook in Puerto-Rico

2019 - Measuring Coastal subsidence in Florida



Orlando Sentinel:
Is Miami Beach sinking?

UNAVCO highlights:
Measuring coastal subsidence in Florida

2018 - Volcanoes in Japan



Study finds deep subterranean connection between two Japan volcanoes

2017 / 2019 - Hurricanes and earthquakes



Are Hurricane Maria and the Mexico Earthquake Related?

Typhoon Hagibis and Japan earthquake

The Palm Beach Post:
Can hurricane cause earthquales?

2017 - Sea Level rise



BBC News:
Miami's fight against rising seas

VICE News:
It's been 30 centuries since sea levels were rising this quickly


2016 - Miami Beach Flooding



Miami Heralds:
Miami Beach flooding spiked over last decade

New Times:
Miami Beach's Tidal Flooding Has Jumped by 400 Percent in the Past Decade

Weather Chanel:
Miami Beach Flooding Has Increased Dramatically Over the Past Decade

Science Daily :
Increased flooding, accelerated sea-level rise in Miami over last decade

2014 - San Andreas Fault and Earthquakes


Live Science:
San Andreas Fault Facts

Massive Chile earthquake leaves remarkably little damage

Live Science :
Earthquakes & Tsunamis: Causes & Information

2013 - Sinkhole collapse in central Florida


Sinkhole causes villa collapse

Sinkholes in South Florida

Expert Talks About Possiblity of Sinkholes in South Florida

Scientists: Technology Can Help Locate Sinkholes


2012 - Venice subsidence


Venice is still sinking

Venice continues slow sink, satellite readings show

Venice sinking faster than previously thought

Corriera Della Sera:
Venezia affonda piu in fretta del previsto


2011 - Earthquake triggering by wet tropical cyclones


National Geographic:
Heavy Rainfall Can Cause Earthquakes

AAAS Science Update:

2011 - Japanese earthquake impacted south Florida water table


Japanese Quake Impacted Florida Water Table

Orlando Sentinal:
Officials: South Fla. water table rose up to three inches after quake

2011 - Can Hurricanes trigger earthquakes?- Reuters interview

Click to play interview


2010 - Hurricanes and possibly deforestation as triggers of the 2010 Haiti earthquake


Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes?

San Francisco Chronicle: Did climate change cause Haiti quake?

2010 - Accelerating uplift in the north Atlantic as an indicator of ice loss


Live Science:
Greenland Rising Rapidly as Ice Melts

Top News:
Greenland rapidly rising due to ice melting

2009 - Deep creep as the cause for the excess seismicity along the San Jacinto Fault


UPI News:
San Jacinto fault quake odds studied

SciencDaily News:
Deep Creep Means Milder, More Frequent Earthquakes Along Southern California's San Jacinto Fault

2009 - Geodesy in the 21st Century

2007 - Diffuse intersesimic deformation across the Pacific-North America plate boundary

Huliq report:
Improving current models for understanding San Andreas Fault

Science Daily report:
Modeling Faults: Predicting Earthquakes

2006 - Subsidence and flooding in New Orleans


NPR report:
Satellite Imagery Shows a Sinking New Orleans

Nature brief communication:
Space geodesy: Subsidence and flooding in New Orleans

Washington Post report:
New Orleans Sinking Faster Than Thought


2006 - Wetland InSAR

2002 - The lowest place on Earth is subsiding - an InSAR perspective

BBC report:
Dead Sea keeps falling