Professor Xiao's research interests lie in the areas of biosensors and biomaterials and their applications in solving a broad range of problems in vitro and in vivo. The goals of her research are directed towards employing new biomaterials, nanomaterials and new platforms to design ultra-sensitive sensors for specific in vitro or in vivo sensing in complex sample at the point-of-care. High specificity is achieved via biotechnology platforms - innovative selection technology (SELEX) are used to generate bio-functionalized elements capable of performing specific target recognition, and high sensitivity is obtained with subsequent biomolecular cascading, self-assembled amplifications. Such innovation will pave the way to bring highly sensitive sensors with great specificity into portable micro/nano-sized devices, which will impact the most pressing problems associated with analytical life sciences, including clinical diagnosis, drug abuse test, food safety and environmental pollution monitoring.

Lab News

07/16 - Congratulations to Haixiang Yu whose CBSA paper has been accepted in Chemical Science.

07/16 - Congratulations to Pingping Liang who is being recognized as FIU Worlds Ahead Graduate.

07/16 - Congratulations to Daniel Roncancio whose patent has been granted as US patent.

07/16 - Congratulations to Bhargav Guntupalli who recently received FIU Dissertation Year Fellowship.

06/16 - Congratulations to Pingping Liang who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on 06/29.

04/16 - Congratulations to Juan Canoura who received FIU McNair Graduate Research Fellowship.

03/16 - Daniel and Haixiang were winners of an oral presentation prize at FIU’s 2016 Annual Scholarly Forum during GSAW.

12/15 - Welcome Brian Ng in joining our lab as a Ph.D. student.

12/15 - Pingping Liang gave a poster presentation on “A paper-based device for rapid visualization of NADH based on dissolution of gold nanoparticles” at 2015 MRS Fall Meeting.

12/15 - Bhargav Guntupalli gave an oral presentation on “Ambient filtration method to rapidly prepare highly conductive, paper-based porous gold films” at 2015 MRS Fall Meeting.

11/15 - Congratulations to Bhargav Guntupalli on publishing a paper entitled “Ambient filtration method to rapidly prepare highly conductive, paper-based porous gold films for electrochemical biosensing” in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.

10/15 - Haixiang Yu gave a poster presentation on “Amplified colorimetric detection of cocaine in oral fluid based on exonuclease-assisted aptamer strand recycling” at 2015 SOFT Meeting.

More News

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