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Mike Sukop

Michael Sukop, Professor
Department of Earth and Environment
Florida International University
Office: 305-348-3117
Fax: 305-348-3877

   - NSF South Florida Water, Sustainability and Climate Project
   - Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN), NSF Sustainability Research Network Project
   - Florida Climate Institute
   - FIU Sea Level Solutions Center -- SLSC
   - Carbonate Aquifer Characterization Laboratory
   - Download LB2D_Prime or LB3D_Prime Lattice Boltzmann Code or view You Tube video instructions
   Get our Lattice Boltzmann books
   - Lattice Boltzmann Modeling: An Introduction for Geoscientists and Engineers by Michael C. Sukop and Daniel T. Thorne
    - Errata for the first printing (October 2005 , 2006 copyright) of our book: "Lattice Boltzmann Modeling"
    - Errata for the second printing (2007 copyright) of our book.
    - SIAM review of our book: Illner, R. 2007. SIAM REVIEW 49(1),141-142
   - Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Methods: Theory and Application, by Haibo Huang, Michael C. Sukop, Xiyun Lu, 392 pages, August 2015, Wiley-Blackwell
   Kids' fractal book
   - Fractals for Kids by Michael C. Sukop
   - Lattice Boltzmann Links
   - Google Scholar Page
   - CV
   - Old Fractal Programs (Sierpinski Carpet and Menger Sponge)

Interviews, Media, and Press

   - Miami Herald: Threat from below: Sea rise is pushing up groundwater — and flood risks for South Florida. March 2022. Alex Harris

NBCUniversal interview with Jonathan Schuppe on Surfside building collapse. February 2022

3-D video (best viewed on phone, where moving phone allows you to look in different directions, or use mouse) and interview about King Tide Day 2021 Citizen Science work by Jacquelyn Hurtado of South Florida PBS (WPBT). December 2021

   - Miami Herald: For artists and scientists, confronting climate change demands our urgent action | Opinion BY OMBRETTA AGRÓ ANDRUFF UPDATED NOVEMBER 01, 2021

Monga Bay with Marlowe Starling on Biscayne Bay. July 2021

Interview with Eloá Orazem, Los Angeles-based Brazilian journalist for Brasil de Fato about USACE Back Bay study in Miami. June 2021

Tampa ABC News interview on Piney Point deep-well injection with Wendi Lane (sound starts at 0:30 and Piney Point segment starts at 5:45). April 2021

Florida Phoenix (with Craig Pitman of 'Florida Man' fame) on Piney Point Phosphogyp stacks and injection wells. April 2021

NPR WLRN with Daniel Rivero on Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas and South Florida. March 2020

Wired with Matt Simon on the Super Bowl and Sea Level Rise. January 2020

Miami Herald: Miami’s King Tide makes little splash this time, thanks in part to better plumbing BY ALEX HARRIS UPDATED OCTOBER 13, 2018

NPR WLRN Sunshine Economy with Tom Hudson on King Tides and High Water. October 2018

Miami Herald: South Florida’s looming sea-rise dilemma: Save drinking water or worsen flooding? BY ALEX HARRIS UPDATED DECEMBER 21, 2017

NPR WMFE with Amy Green on South Florida groundwater/Sea level rise studies. December 2017

   - Conversation on Miami sea level rise issues with "nomadic" radio station
Radioee going down the Miami River starting at 5:25:00ish.
   Ajani Stewart (then Resilience Programs Manager, City of Miami Office of Resilience & Sustainability) and Doug Yoder (now retired Deputy Director, Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer). April 2017
   interviewed hours earlier.

Official teaching evaluations

   - Introduction to Earth Science: GLY-1010
   - Environmental Geology: GLY-3039
   - Introduction to Hydrogeology: GLY-4822
   - Planet Earth: South Florida: GLY-5159
   - Hydrogeologic Modeling: GLY-5826
   - Chemical Hydrogeology: GLY-5828
   - Introduction to Lattice Boltzmann Methods: GLY-5835
   - Graduate Seminar and Advanced Graduate Seminar: GLY5931/6931, 2020-2021

   - Graduate Seminar and Advanced Graduate Seminar: GLY5931/6931, 2019-2020
   - ENVE279
   - Summer Course 2011: Laboratory of Computational Geodynamics, Graduate University, Chinese Academy of Sciences       Lecture
   - Summer Course 2011: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
   - Winter Course 2008: Florida International University
   - Summer Course 2004: University of Utah

Students & Postdocs
   - Tim Kirby, PhD Candidate
   - Martina Rogers, PhD Candidate
   - Miguel Valencia, PhD Student
   - Monica Cardona, PhD Student

Former Students & Postdocs
   - Dr Jessica Bolson, Post-doc 2015-2018
   - Dr Katie Glodzik, Post-doc 2018
   - Noel Ulrich Etile, MS 2021
   - Santiago Castex, MS 2019
   - Ron Hariprashad
   - Jessica Sommer, 4 + 1 MS, 2019
   - Maria Marquez, MS 2016
   - Sade' Garcia, MS, 2013
   - Andrew Pearson, Post-doc, 2011-2012
   - Merlin Ngachin, MS 2011
   - BoJing Zhu, Post-doc, 2009
   - Shadab Anwar, Post-doc 2008-2009
   - Katie Bardsley, MS 2009
   - Alyssa Dausmann, PhD 2008
   - Shadab Anwar, PhD 2008
   - Haibo Huang, Post-doc 2007
   - Pedro Alvarez, MS 2007
   - Jozsef Garai, PhD 2007
   - Zuhal Ozturk, (Co-chair) PhD 2006
   - Carmen Serpa, MS 2005
   - Danny Thorne, Post-doc 2003-2005

Visiting Students
   - Jianlin Zhao, PRC March 25, 2013 –
   - Alissar Yehya, France, June 14, 2014 – July 13, 2014, now at Harvard
   - Ren Feng, PRC, August 27, 2015 – August 27th 2016
   - Bei Wei, PRC, September 2, 2016 –
   - Peng Chi, PRC, September 18, 2017 –

Student Opportunities
   -There are exceptional opportunities available for hydrogeology graduate students in applied hydrogeology including joint city/county projects on sea water intrusion, freshwater lens management, ASR, deep well injection, and many other topics in the nation's region that is most exposed to sea level rise.

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