Sensory Neurobiology

Part 1: Neural structure and signal transmission

Week 1 – Introduction, history, cells, and ions


sensory_neuro_wk01 slides

Week 2 – Membrane potential and passive signaling

sensory_neuro_wk02 slides

Week 3 – Action potential generation and synapses

sensory_neuro_wk03 slides

practice with nernst and goldman:

Luis Garcia – Platypus electroreception for prey capture

Week 4 – Sensory coding and integration

sensory_neuro_wk04 slides

Devika Mansaram – Sensory systems: vibrating appendages

Tomasso Benigni – Restoring sensory feedback to amputees

Yamil Moya – Reproduction Presentation: Erectile Dysfunction and sensory nervous system

Week 5 – Review and exam

Part 2: Ionotropic senses

Week 6 – Touch, pain, hot and cold

sensory_neuro_wk06 slides

Patricio Viera – ADHD and sensory processing

Myia Aiges – How the Blind See with Their Tongues

Ethan Guanzon – Sensory cancellation of self-tickling

Luis Acin – Bumblebee electroreception

Raymid Garcia – Acute sensory effects of Migraine with aura

Week 7 – Hearing and balance

sensory_neuro_wk07 slides

Alanys Pliopa – Neurobiology of Migraines

Shanny Lopez – Photoreceptors and vision

Xiomara Pupo – MS effects on the sensory system

Week 8 – Electric

sensory_neuro_wk08 slides

Jose Gutierrez – The effect of psychodelics on the brain

Sheila Catro – coral polyp senses and climate change

Jose Portales – Pain

Christine Athanasious – Mantis shrimps

Week 9 – Magnetic

Diego Guerrero – Nystagmus

Jose Perez – Cochlear implants

Week 10 – Review and exam


Part 3: Metabotropic senses

Week 11 – Olfaction (also ionotropic) and odor tracking

Luis Urbano – why we sound different to others than to ourselves

Week 12 – Taste and food choice

Week 13 – Photoreception and eye structure

Week 14 – Color discrimination and motion detection

Week 15 – Review and exam


Spring 2020:

ZOO 4781 and  6782

class: Tue, Thur, 12:30-13:45, GL 100

prereq: General Biology I & II
text: Principles of Neural Science, 5th ed.
Kandel, Schwartz, Jessell, Hudspeth, Siegelbaum
McGraw­Hill, New York, 2013


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