Current lab members

Jamie Theobald - PI - Insect vision, behavior and neurobiology
Ravi Palavalli-Nettimi - Postdoc - Insect vision and allometry
Carlos Ruiz - Graduate student - regional optic flow and parallax
Nick Palermo - Graduate student - optic flow and attention
Pablo Currea - Graduate student - development, allometry and visual acuity
Yash Sondhi - Graduate student - Moth phylogenetics and flight behavior
Saad Siddiqui - Undergraduate
Michelle Proenca - High school student

Former lab members

Steph Cabrera - Undergraduate - Flow fields and motion parallax
Michael Perez - High School and Undergraduate - Mosquito visual responses
Chantell Mazo - Undergraduate - Regional flow field responses
Jorge Caballero, second from left - Undergraduate - Horizon depth perception - accepting best honors thesis award
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