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Steven Hudson
Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D, University of Chicago
Harmonic Analysis
Dept Phone: (305) 348-2743
My Phone: (305) 348-3231
Office: DM 419B


 Spring 2018

Office Hours:
TR 11am to 11:45am in DM 419B. Also, TR approx 150pm and 345pm in SASC 351.
See your class syllabus for other contact options, and your Learning Assistant's hours.


Calculus II, U13, Noon

Calculus II, U15, 2pm

For all students


Recent syllabi, with links to HW, exams, etc

From 2017 - Linear Algebra, Calculus III
From 2016 -
Differential Eqns
From 2015 -
Discrete Math
From 2014 -
Calculus I, Graph Theory
From 2013 -
MAA 3200, Combinatorics

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Interests: Harmonic Analysis (Maximal functions, Sobolev spaces/inequalities, extremals) and combinatorial aspects of analysis (Marriage thm, rearrangements of functions). You can read my intro to maximal functions here, and play around with a simple applet. More recently, I've been studying PDE's, unique continuation, level curves of harmonic functions, and discrete inequalities with L De Carli. Also, solutions of Schrodinger equations with DeCarli, Edward, Leckband and X.Li. Pdfs of the papers with De Carli are available from her web site and others are available upon request.

Selected Older Papers:

Recent Papers:


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