Dr. James R. Webb

Dr. James R. Webb is a professor of physics at Florida International University with a PhD in astronomy. In addition to his teaching, research and University service, he is also a guitarist and songwriter. He has written some original astronomy songs which he uses in classes, and in public programs to stimulate interest in astronomy.

The collaboration between a professional astronomer, who is also an amateur musician and songwriter, and an accomplished musician/music producer is very rare in mainstream music. Almost non-existent is astronomy music that not only carries messages of intellectual value, but is also musically compelling. Dr. Webb and Mr. Morrison decided to join forces and rework Dr. Webb’s original astronomy songs to create a unique musical experience, blending science, philosophy, space travel, guitars, and rhythms that cover many topics from cosmology to the need for space exploration within many genres of music. Local musicians Laurie Jennings, Dana Keller, Scott Emmons, Jennifer Perez, and Dr. Webb’s long-time musical friend Tom Barnello were called upon to add background vocals and some electric guitar to the music. Dana Keller’s steel guitar on The Cycle is amazing! So sit back, relax, and take a trip through musical genres, past the limits of the known universe, and deep into our consciousness and Reach for the Stars.

Mr. Keith Morrison, M.A.

Keith Morrison is a music producer, audio engineer, arranger, and studio owner who has a keen intellect and interest in science. Mr. Morrison holds a Master of Music from the University of Miami; he’s recorded and produced Grammy-winning CDs for a number of internationally known artists.

The Song List

Click on the song below to hear the song, read the lyrics, and learn more about the subject matter in the songs.

  1. The Black Hole Song - A humourous song about a Soviet Cosmonaut falling into a black hole in the early days of the space race.
  2. The Cycle - A song about the origin and evolution of the universe.
  3. The Human Race - A song about our responsibility as stewards of the planet Earth.
  4. Can Music Change the World - A song about our recent history in space.
  5. I Can't Believe They Pay me - A song about my job as a college professor.
  6. The Demon Haunted World - A song echoing Carl Sagans famous Book, "The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark".
  7. The James Webb Space Telescope Song - self explanatory!
  8. Reaching for the Stars- A song about what humans should be doing.
  9. The Grand Scheme of Things - a song about our place in the universe.