Associate Professor
Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies

(Formerly Department of Sociology/Anthropology)

University Park Campus,
SIPA 327
Florida International University
11200 S.W. 8th Street

Miami, Florida 33199

Telephone: (305) 348-2262


FAX: (305) 348-3605

      Current Positions:


Associate Professor:  
         Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies, FIU.

Affiliated Professor:  
         Department of Religious Studies, FIU (web)

     Major Positions Held:

President: National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
November 2006 - November 2008. (NAPA)

Assistant to the Provost, 1990-2000  
   Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs, FIU.

Executive Board Member:
American Anthropological Association
      Practicing/Professional seat. December 2001 to November 2004.
          Association Operations Committee, Member.
          Awards Committee, Member and Committee Chair

       Practicing/Professional Employment Initiatives.
           Approved by the Executive Board, May 17, 2003.
Motion, Proposal and Recommendations

Co-General Editor. NAPA Bulletin. 1996-2002
   Published by the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
        and the American Anthropological Association.
                Web master of 1998-2003

Treasurer. Society for Applied Anthropology. 1997-1999 (SfAA)

Director of Program Review. 2000-2004
    Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. FIU.

      Research Specialties:

Ecological Anthropology, Ethnohistorical Research Methods, Applied Anthropology.

Native American Studies: Health, Art and Religion, Peyotism

Medical Anthropology: Native American Health, Type II Diabetes

Organizational Culture: Directed Culture Change,
Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development

      Teaching Specialties:

Research Methods
Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Anthropological Theories
American Indian Ethnology
Native American Religions

Anthropology Through Film: Native American Issues and Perspectives
Organizational Culture Change (Graduate Seminar)

Applied Anthropology (Graduate Seminar)
Student Internships Cooperative Education in the Social Sciences
Ethnohistorical Research Methods (Graduate Seminar)

Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 1979, Anthropology
M.A. University of Oklahoma 1975, Anthropology
B.A. University of Florida 1972, Anthropology
A.A . Miami Dade Community College 1969, Liberal Arts
Miami Carol City High School 1967, High School Diploma
Barrow Alaska 2001
         Selected Publications:   (If you cannot locate an item please email)                                                               


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         Selected Presentations/ Initiatives 

Dennis Wiedman and NAPA Governing Council
2008 NAPA Position on AAA Return to 1971 Ethics.
NAPA eNewsletter July 15, 2008. Posted on NAPA web page at:

Dennis Wiedman
2003 Practicing/Professional Employment Initiatives. Proposed and approved by the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association, May 17, 2003.
     Approved Board Motion with full proposal and recommendations

2003 Building Bridges to Support Professional Anthropologists: AAA, SfAA and NAPA Initiatives.
Meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Portland, Oregon. March 21, 2003. Abstract

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