Shark Bay, Australia


Using an Air Line Hookah system to deploy seagrass experiments

Blowfish II

Blowfish II

Major funding for our research has been provided by the National Science Foundation (US) and NSERC (Canada) with numerous smaller grants from the PADI Foundation, National Geographic Society Expeditions Council and Comittee for Reserach and Exploration, American Museum of Natural History Lerner Gray Fund, the Society for Marine Mammalogy, and the Columbus Zoo.

Our work would not be possible, however, without the generosity of numerous companies who have donated or provided discounts on space, facilities use, or equipment. First and foremost we thank ASPEN PARKS' MONKEY MIA DOLPHIN RESORT for years of support and providing living space and facilities for us from the begining of our work. We truly are greatful for all the support we have received no matter how big or small but we would like to send a special thanks to some of our recent major donors including JOPALO BOATS for the discount on our new research vessel Blowfish II and BRP AUSTRALIA for partial donations of two Evinrude Etech engines. We thank SUBMERSIBLE SYSTEMS and THE AIR LINE for their help with our diving operations. Below are links to the institutions and companies that have provided us with support over the years.

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Financial Support and Grants