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Ray Capture


A SBERP volunteer creates a seagrass exclosure.


SBERP provides research opportunities for two middle school teachers every year

The Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project strives to produce education and outreach resources that can help inspire and educate the next generation of marine biologists and explorers and to provide opportunities for both formal and informal education. We offer field research experiences for two middle school teachers each year (see Opportunities for more information) and have created a diversity of resources for teachers and parents. The photos and videos and species fact sheets are designed to provide resources that can be used in classrooms - feel free to download these and use them for any non-commercial use. If you would like a DVD with this content for use in classrooms, email Mike Heithaus. Information provided on the research pages also is meant to be accessible to students and help show them how marine biology is done!

We have also developed lesson plans (primarily targeted at a middle school level) that use Shark Bay to teach science standards in an engaging manner with the charismatic species of Shark Bay. Many of these lesson plans are designed to use videos and photos, so email us and we can get you a complete package. If you have any comments on any of our resources or have ideas for improving them, please let us know! We are planning another filming session in Shark Bay in 2010-2011 so your comments will be a huge help!

Video Lessons

UPDATED Video Lesson - November 2009