MHF 3404 - History of Mathematics

Contains the name of the textbook, prerequisites for the course, relevant sections of the
textbook, exam policy, schedule of exams, grading scheme, and other pertinent information.
Please bring along your textbook when you have questions about the HW.

Contains the list of Homework Problems for the course

Contains the  two projects that are worth a total of 50 points and the BONUS questions.

Review Sheets

      Review for Test#1                                                      Review for Test #2
Review sheets for Test#1 and Test#2 (one page each)
The review sheets for the final consists of the two pages above

Sample Tests
:   None  Available

Solutions to Tests given out this semester

       Springl 2009 Test #1                                                 Spring 2009 Test #2

Before and after pictures

Before History of Math       During History of Math       After History of Math